Kindergarten Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List 2022-2023

-1 standard size backpack (no rolling or mini backpacks)

-1 set of headphones (no earbuds)

-Lunch box and necessary utensils (if bringing lunch from home)

-1 large pencil case

-2 boxes of Crayola crayons, 24 count

-1 box of Crayola washable primary (fat) markers, 8 count

-1 package of Ticonderoga #2 pencils

-2 plastic pocket folders solid color with brads (metal fasteners)

-1 pair of Fiskar child scissors (solid color)

-4 large glue sticks

-2 large boxes of tissues

-2 large containers of Clorox cleaning wipes

-1 bottle hand sanitizer

-1 package EXPO dry erase markers

-BOYS: 1 box gallon size Ziplock bags

-GIRLS: I pack of clear sheet protectors