First Grade Supply List

1 set Headphones with name on it

1 pair Fiskar brand scissors

Pencils Ticonderoga brand-1 box - pre-sharpened

2 pink erasers

Glue sticks, Elmer purple jumbo-1 box

Crayola brand crayons-4 packs of 24

Crayola brand markers- 2 packs of 10

Crayola colored pencils – 1 pack

Expo brand dry erase markers-1 packs assorted colors

Gallon size Ziploc bags- 1 box

Sandwich size Ziploc bags-1 box

Plastic pocket folders-1 each red, yellow, green and blue

Black and white marble composition books-1

Clorox wipes-2 containers

Hand sanitizer-1 bottle

Kleenex tissues-3 boxes