Health and Physical Education


Physical education instruction is taught by certified physical education teachers and is scheduled for 60-90 minutes each week for grades K-6. The physical education program is designed to teach students the skills, knowledge and attitudes essential to live a healthy lifestyle and select healthy and safe behaviors. Students will be able to demonstrate skills, explain concepts, apply concepts and skills in game settings and create routines, games, and projects this year.

Our lessons and curriculum are engaging and fun and teach students 21st-century skills such as creativity and innovation skills; critical thinking and problem-solving skills; communication and collaboration skills within our content. We also teach the importance of sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, how to provide feedback to others and improve on it, flexibility, accountability, social skills, conflict resolution and leadership skills. 

To ensure safe participation and success of your child please have your child wear appropriate clothing and sneakers on PE days. If a child is unable to participate in PE due to an injury or illness please bring write a note or send in a doctor’s note with your child. 

Physical Education units include: Expectations & Rules, Cooperation Games, Movement, Fitness, VA Wellness Testing, Fitness Goal Setting and Reflection, Gymnastics, Dribbling with Hands, Nutrition, Energy Balance, Anatomy, Dance and Rhythmic activities, Volleying, Striking with implements, Dribbling with feet, as well as Outdoor Pursuits and Recreational Activities. 

Our Physical Education Teachers