Second Grade

Second grade teachers

The second grade Language Arts curriculum includes objectives that support students' development in the skills of reading, writing, and oral language. These skills are developed through direct instruction, modeling by teachers, and guided practice. Teachers plan a balance of learning experiences that build upon oral language and include phonemic awareness, phonics, and use of fiction and nonfiction for reading practice. 

In mathematics, second-grade students continue to develop number sense with an emphasis on grouping and regrouping through the hundreds, including money amounts. Operations are expanded to include multiplication/division concepts and addition/subtraction facts to 18. They estimate and measure using both standard and nonstandard units; continue to develop concepts of time, temperature, and money equivalencies; explore relationships among two-dimensional shapes and sort solids. Second graders collect, count, sort, display, and compare data; create and extend number patterns; find addition/subtraction function rules and missing addends. The Science Program of Studies is a hands-on curriculum designed to provide students with a basic understanding of Earth and space, life, and physical science concepts. Students develop a solid base of science knowledge, apply learned knowledge to solve problems, communicate information, use experimental design, and make connections to science in our everyday world. The program materials include units that provide hands-on experiences, science trade books, Windows on Science videodiscs, and specific websites correlated to each science unit. 

Second grade Social Studies instruction incorporates the four strands of history, geography, civics, and economics. Students study individuals who have made significant contributions to the United States and its history. They study three American Indian tribes from three regions (the Eastern Woodlands, Plains, and Southwest) to understand how groups adapt to their environment and meet their basic needs in different ways. Students learn about early European explorers who came to America. They study the ancient empire of Mali and the contemporary culture of Mexico.

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